Pick #1: Tony's Po-Boy Restaurant

The unforgettable Tony's Po-Boy Restaurant, is a true New Orleans Party Bus favorite! This place can be found on East Judge Pereze Drive, at number 434. The prices are unbelievably low here and they've even got a full bar that we think you'll really enjoy. There are televisions so that the sports lovers can catch the game or so you can watch the day's headlines if there are no good sporting events happening. The roast beef po-boy is one of our top choices here and we would very highly recommend the macaroni and cheese as a side! Don't be afraid to try it all, it's sensational!

Pick #2: Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery & Restaurant

If you cruise down 14207 Chef Menteur Hwy, you'll discover Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery & Restaurant, one of the coolest places in town that happens to serve the best Vietnamese and Chinese items around! There's a complete sit-down dining area toward the front, but we love the sandwich bar and bakery that's found toward the back! You can take advantage of this place for either dine-in or catering, and we highly recommend that you do! The banh mi is fantastic and the banh pate chaud will really impress you as well! So many good things here!

Pick #3: Rocky & Carlo's Restaurant & Bar

One of Louisiana's gems is Rocky & Carlo's Restaurant & Bar, located at 613 West Saint Bernard Hwy! This is one of our all-time favorite cajun and creole restaurants in our entire service area. They've also got some really amazing Italian selections on the menu that we think you'll be really pleased with. The stuffed bell peppers come very highly recommended and so does the macaroni and cheese. The roast beef po-boy is is really a must-try and once you do, you'll want it again and again. The veal cutlet is also fantastic! Full bar and TVs as well. What a great spot!

Pick #4: Walker's Southern Style BBQ

Walker's Southern Style BBQ is our favorite BBQ joint in the city! It's located at 10828 Hayne Blvd, and our party goers love to opt for this place for lunch, and in fact you'll want to make sure you arrive plenty early because they're not open for dinner! Closing time is 2:00 PM Wednesday and Thursday, and 4:00 PM on Saturday. The divey and casual atmosphere cannot be beat. The things we'd recommend most highly are the cochon de lait po'boy, the pork with cole slaw and barbecue sauce, or the ribs that just melt in your mouth. So good!

Pick #5: Umi

You can find Umi at 535 East Judge Perez Drive in the lovely Chef Menteur area of Louisiana. Umi is one of the top sushi bars around as far as we're concerned! The prices are quite affordable for the high quality of sushi that you will receive here, and there's even a full bar for your full enjoyment! There are tables and booths as well as hibachi grills and a sushi bar. The umi roll is fantastic and we love the baked salmon.Try the Jamaican roll and the black dragon roll too! The parking here can be really tough, but that's why you'll be happy you have us to drop you off!

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