Pick #1: Lost Love Lounge

At 2529 Dauphine Street in the Marigny and Gentilly Terrace area of New Orleans you will be able to find Lost Love Lounge, a Vietnamese restaurant and dive bar that has been such a timeless classic for people looking for a good time! It's more of a place to get drinks and grab a quick bite rather than vice versa, but you can trust that the food is always good and so is the service. We're in love with their spring rolls and pho and we just love hanging out and enjoying a drink or two while we're there. Don't overlook this one when you're with your party bus groups! There's always a good time to be had.

Pick #2: Adolfo's

At 611 Frenchmen Street in New Orleans you'll be able to find Adolfo's, one of the very best Italian restaurants that features seafood dishes that will really make your mouth water! This isn't a huge place so it's more highly recommended for your more intimate party bus outings than for your large, loud, and boisterous ones! You'll find that the prices are extremely affordable here and the atmosphere is casual and even a bit dive bar-ish. The ocean sauce is our favorite thing here and we could just eat it on anything. The crab meat cannelloni is a favorite as well, and that rack of lamb! Oh, my!

Pick #3: Yuki Izakaya

If you're out with New Orleans Party Bus in the Marigny and Gentilly Terrace area, head over to 525 Frenchmen Street and sample some of the delicious sushi and sashimi that is available at Yuki Izakaya. This is a trendy spot that features a full bar, and we know that you will really love it there! As with the previous restaurant, this is a bit smaller and more recommended for more intimate party bus groups. The live music is a huge perk here and we know that our customers always enjoy that when they dine there! Ask what sake they suggest with your meal, as they're very knowledgeable!

Pick #4: Buffa's Restaurant & Lounge

At the location that is 1001 Esplanade Avenue in the Marigny and Gentilly Terrace area of New Orleans, you can find Buffa's Restaurant & Lounge, a very cool relaxed dive bar that can easily accommodate your largest party bus groups and show you an amazing time, especially in the late night hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The prices are crazy low here whether you're there for a jazz brunch or for a late night escapade. The grilled redfish po'boy sandwich is one of our most loved items on the menu and we're also pretty crazy for their boudin balls! Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!

Pick #5: Yo Mama's Bar & Grill

This ain't Yo Mama's Bar & Grill... or wait... we guess, according to the name, it is! But we bet that yo mama never made a burger like this! These are huge juicy melt-in-your-mouth hamburgers that are so enormous that they threaten to topple off the plate! The loaded baked potatoes and other delectable sides that they offer here just pair so perfectly with those famous hamburgers too. It's cool and dive bar-ish here with great juke box music and happy hour pricing. The best nights to come in are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Not huge, so best for smaller party bus groups, but you'll love it!

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