Pick #1: Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery & Restaurant

At 14207 Chef Menteur Highway, Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery & Restaurant happens to be a surprisingly exciting and unique Vietnamese and Chinese bakeries that you will ever see! There's a great seating area in the front that comprises the main dining area of the restaurant, and that's where you'll be sitting with your larger New Orleans Party Bus groups, but if you're there with a smaller and more intimate gathering of friends, we'd highly recommend the sandwich bar toward the back! The banh mi is made with delectable butter and pate and you will not be able to get enough of it! The baked goods will absolutely drive you wild. A Venetian Isles fave!

Pick #2: Tony's Poboy Restaurant

Visit 434 East Judge Perez Drive, Tony's Poboy Restaurant is known for its incredible sandwiches and hot dogs, and it's one of the top places that New Orleans Party Bus would recommend to you when you're heading out into the Venetian Isles area with us! This is a top lunch spot and we especially love the fact that there's a full bar at your fingertips. The right choice can turn lunch into brunch with a snap of your fingers! They can easily accommodate your larger groups here and they do accept credit cards so you won't have to make a pit stop at the ATM. The macaroni and cheese is another beloved favorite here and we'd very highly recommend it!

Pick #3: The Joint

The Joint is a southern barbecue bar located at 701 Mazant Street, so convenient for our Venetian Isles travelers. They're open pretty late here, until 10:00 PM, and they've always got more than enough room for your larger New Orleans Party Bus groups. You'll love coming in to enjoy the delicious food, the fun juke box, and of course the great daily prices though there is no happy hour. The best nights to come in are Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. There is a full bar and TVs too, making this a smart place to watch the game as well! The macaroni and cheese is some of the best that you'll ever taste, and how about those pulled pork sandwiches? Wow!

Pick #4: Rocky & Carlo's Restaurant & Bar

For a wild array of cajun, creole, and Italian food, give Rocky & Carlo's a try at 613 West Saint Bernard Highway. Our Venetian Isles customers just adore this place, and they're always asking their New Orleans Party Bus chauffeurs to take them there on a regular basis! There's plenty of space for groups here, smart pricing that will help you to save dough, and even TV so that you can catch the game there. The full bar is a major perk of course, and you can trust us when we say that the drinks are good and stiff and never overpriced. The stuffed peppers and the macaroni and cheese are two of our favorite comfort foods here!

Pick #5: Walker's Southern Style Barbecue

New Orleans Party Bus has recommended Walker's Southern Style Barbecue to all of our partygoing friends in the Venetian Isles area so many times now. They are known for their incredible cochon de lait poboys, and that's the thing that we'd recommend most highly that you try! You will find this place at 10828 Hayne Boulevard, and it's worth a drive to get to that fun and divey atmosphere with all that yummy food at your fingertips. You can even watch the game here or just enjoy some fantastic conversation over lunch. Don't skip the ribs or the pork, or whatever your particular barbecue favorite might be, because it's all good here! Too good in fact!

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